Lumina RST provides training modules intended for individuals who require basic awareness and safety information regarding radiation hazards in their workplace, but who do not work directly with significant amounts of radioactive material.

Radiation awareness training can be delivered as formal structured teaching or informal in-house training focusing on specific aspects of radiation safety.

Our scheduled courses offer radiation awareness training for a range of individuals; from Supervisors to entire staff. Radiation protection supervisors must undergo highly advanced training. Lumina RST offers specialized radiation protection courses to ensure your radiation protection supervisor personnel are trained, examined and qualified to international standards while Entire/general staff are equipped Basic Radiation Safety (BRS) Training.

Lumina RST Co. Limited and its staff have a long-standing track record of delivering very successful customized learning solutions in Scanning Operations and Radiation Safety Awareness achieving real and measurable value for our clients.

We provide onsite training options which can be an ideal solution giving you the opportunity to customize our course content to your specific training needs, as well as attracting significant savings compared to public course costs. We are an approved radiation safety training provider recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.