Dr. Abdel Razak Awudu holds a Doctoral and Master of Philosophy degree in Environmental Science from the University of Ghana, Legon. He has also obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Radiation Protection from the same academia and has participated in several International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) training courses, workshops and conferences. He possesses over 27 years’ experience as a Research Scientist, having worked with the Radiation Protection Institute under Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and doubles as a Lecturer at the School of Nuclear & Allied Sciences.

He specializes in applications of Radiation sources and irradiating devices in industry, medicine, research and education, radiation detection and measurements using nuclear and related techniques and equipment calibration, radioactive waste management and environmental radioactivity measurements among others.

He was the head of the Radiological Applications Department of the Radiological & Non-Ionizing Applications Directorate of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority where he reviewed and evaluated the applications for authorization for use of ionizing radiation, supervision of the issuance of authorization of practices involving ionizing sources and devices etc.

Internationally, he was the IAEA Project Counterpart for RAF9060 on the Building Competent Authority Effectiveness on Regulating the Transport of Radioactive Material in Ghana. He is highly effective and dedicated into the research of environmental radioactivity. He has over 25 research publications to his credit.

Prior to joining Lumina, He was the Principal Research Scientist at the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Ghana.